How to Align Sequences Using Command Line Interface

How to Align Sequences Using Command Line Interface

August 11, 2022 by Abdul Rehman0
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Aligning the Sequences Using Clustal Omega Software in Command Line Interface

Clustal Omega

Clustal is a series of widely used computer programs used in bioinformatics for multiple sequence alignment. There have been many versions of Clustal over the development of the algorithm that are listed below. The analysis of each tool and its algorithm is also detailed in their respective categories.

Insatlling Clustal Omega
sudo apt-get install -y clustalo

After installation just create a file name where you will be keeping your sequences

To get the results in Clustal format
clustalo --in=input.fasta --out=output.aln --force --outfmt=clustal --wrap=80
to get output in default FASTA format
clustalo --in=input.fasta


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